Wednesday, September 17, 2014

TV Review: ***^Rawhide: Pilot 1959: Incident of the Tumbleweed
There are eight seasons and at least 216 episodes of Rawhide  This is the first.  We are presented to trail hand Rowdy (Clint Eastwood) and Trail Boss Gil Favor (Eric Fleming.)  In this episode, tumbleweed refers to a prison wagon that they run into along the trail.  There are seven prisoners inside, one of them being the girlfriend of a notorious outlaw, and also a couple of his gang. 
They make their escape, and the cattlemen intervene.  However one of the gang escapes, supposedly to go get the leader of the gang.  The deputy is killed, and the sheriff is wounded.  Favor chooses Rowdy to come with him as they handle the prisoners.  The other men will drive the herd.
Eventually the gang catches up with them, as they are crossing a river.  This episode has a different ending than might be expected, as some of the prisoners seek redemption.
There is some gun play and fist fighting, and even violence towards the woman--although she gives back her own.  Terry Moore guest stars as the woman prisoner.
This episode was entertaining.  I didn't watch Rawhide as a youth. However this film had plenty of action, and the prison wagon was very interesting the way it was portrayed.  Very enjoyable.

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