Saturday, September 20, 2014

Movie Review: ***Daniel Boone Trailbazer (1956)

This is the story of Daniel Boone and the Shawnee Indians after the establishment of Fort Boonesburrough.   Daniel Boone helped establish the West when the West was Kentucky.  It starts with the death of Daniel Boone's son, who in fact was killed by Indians.  However from there it tells a story which I am not sure is based in history or just a story.  The story presents the British turning the Shawnee against the white settlers, resulting in an all out assault against the fort.
This movie has plenty of action and death.  It has romance between Boone and his wife, as well as his daughter and a settler.  It does not have Native Americans portraying the Native American parts.  This movie features Bruce Bennett as Daniel Boone, Lon Chaney as Chief Blackfish, Jaqueline Evans as Boone's wife and Nancy Rodman as his daughter and Faron Young as her love interest.

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