Friday, September 5, 2014

Movie Review: **^ The Water Boy

The Water Boy (1998)  This is one of the most confusing stories I have ever heard.  Mostly this movie is a platform for those who enjoy Adam Sandler’s type of humor.  He portrays Bobby Boucher.  We start with the bungling water boy, teased and harassed by the players, but overly conscientious about doing his job.  He is dong the job in honor of his father who. He has been told, died of thirst.  However his bungling interferes with practice, and he is let go. 
He catches on with a different team. The team that never wins.  He shows a skill at tackling, and becomes their linebacker.  (Later he has to pass his GED to stay on the team.)  Not just any linebacker, but a linebacker for the ages.  However his mama doesn’t want him to play.  She insists he sit out the championship bowl game against his former team.  (She just recently discovered he had been playing football.)  It takes some doing, but she changes her mind.  She was trying to hold onto him, as she lost her husband not to thirst, but to another woman.  Of course he makes the second half, his team is behind, but with his moral and physical support, Boucher saves the day. 
There are some things in this movie I would rather not have seen.  The assistant coach is just weird.  I would say this is the worse football movie I have ever seen.
Boucher’s mother is portrayed by Kathy Bates.  His first coach (the mean one who fires him) is portrayed by Jerry Reed.  His new coach is portrayed by Henry Winkler.  
This movie is not appropriate for families or kids.

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