Wednesday, September 10, 2014

Movie Review: ***The Sagebrush Trail (John Wayne)

The Sagebrush Trail, A Lone Star Picture, 1933.
John Wayne stars as John Brant, an escaped convicted murder.  He did not commit the murder, and there was a witness who could have exonerated him, but that person escaped to the West.  Brant has escaped and headed to where he feels the man may have gone, the man who actually committed the murder.
He escapes the sheriff to be picked up by a bandit, Bob Jones (Lance Chandler,) and made part of a gang of thieves.  However, in an effort to not get buried deeper by the law, he secretly gives the gang's plans to a woman, Sally Blake (Nancy Shubert) who helps run a store in town.  This can only go bad. especially when his friend discovers that he is a stool pigeon.  He sets Brant up to be ambushed by the gang, but when Blake tells him the true identity of Brant will he have a change of heart.
This movie again captures the adventure of the Western.  This movie does have it flaws and is in black and white, but it tells a good story.

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