Monday, September 29, 2014

Movie Review: ****^Angel and the Badman (John Wayne, 1947)

This is John Wayne at his best.  He portrays an outlaw, Quirt Evans who is taken in by a Quaker family after he has been shot.  They nurse him back to health, and while he recovers their daughter (Gail Russel), falls in love with him.  This movie is a conflict of cultures, the gun-slinging outlaw and the peaceful Quakers, who do not allow guns in the house.  And she slowly gets to him.  This is a movie about the power of a woman.  When she gets under his skin, his whole existence changes.  He converts form a bad man to a farmer.  However he is a farmer with a few bad people after him from his past.  When they attempt to kill him, and the girl is injured, Evans has to decide what he really believes.  The Marshall is portrayed by Harry Carey.  He is hounding Evans, but it is him who makes it so this movie doesn't have a terrible ending.  I kept thinking it was going to end bad, it just had to.
Carey must have died shortly after production as he died in 1947. 

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