Monday, September 15, 2014

Movie Review: ***^Concrete Cowboys (Tom Selleck)
This is a 1979 made-for-tv movie starring Tom Selleck as Will Eubanks and Jerry Reed as J.D. Reed.  Eaubanks and Reed are two down on their luck drifters from Montana, who end up in Nashville after hopping a train.  In Nashville they have a friend, Lonnie (Randy Powell) who says they can stay at his house, provided they pick up a package for him  He is going to be out of town. 
This they do, and then they get sucked into acting as private detectives to find a sister of their customer named Karla (Morgan Fairchild.)  The sister had come to Nashville to make it in music, and although she didn't make it big, she met some stars, most recently Woody Stone (Claude Akins.)  However, in their search, the become the target for attempted murder.  First someone shoots at them, and then their car is blown up.  It gets more and more interesting--and our two drifters are not really detectives.  Can they figure this mess out and get away with their lives?
This movie also affords the opportunity to show a couple Nashville acts.  We see Ray Stevens perform a funny song and also meet Barbara Mandrell and Roy Acuff.
I liked this show.  It had some action nd some humor and some mystery.  It also had some country music and artists.  

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