Wednesday, September 24, 2014

Music Review: Celtic Thunder: Storm

Celtic Thunder: Storm, composed by Phil Coulter, 2011.
This seems to be a follow-up to the popularity of Celtic Women, however it doesn’t have the same impact to me.  There is something about the music that seems contrived, like they were trying to create some conflict or drama in the music, and for me it just isn’t there.  However, I like that the start by paying tribute to God.  “New Day Dawning”
Thank you, Lord, for a new day dawning
Over our mountains and valleys of green
Thank you, Lord, for a new day dawning
And shining Your light from above
All over this land that we love
The songs though nice and the singing reflects a range of accomplishment.  Of this is the song “When you’re 18.”  The young man does a good job.  There also seems to be some conflict with a love triangle, but based on only the music this is hard to tell.  I think this must be based on a dramatic version where more of the story is portrayed. 
I like the way this C.D. ends as well.  They give tribute to their heroes. 
“Hail the Hero”
Hail the hero, strong and true
Who fought the fight and saw it through
Who swore he ne'er would be a slave
And gave his life, our land to save

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