Tuesday, September 30, 2014

Book Review: Small Steps

Small Steps, by, Louis Sachar, Delacorte, New York 2006.  This is the third book based on the Holes theme written by Louis Sachar.  This book focuses on the character Arm Pit and his relationship with a famous singer Kaira De Leon.  He and X-Ray, also from Holes enter into a ticket scalping arrangement with Arm Pit putting up the money to buy the tickets from his landscaping job, and X-Ray putting in the selling skills.  They purchased twelve tickets, and when they only have two left to sell, Arm Pit decides to take his friend, his next door neighbor girl who has cerebral palsy.  However X-Ray balks.  He has been promised a good amount of money for the tickets.  However X-Ray brings the tickets--which turn out to be photostatic copied counterfeits.  X-Ray sold the tickets after all. 
The scuffle of when Arm Pit is arrested, leads to the performer noticing him, and his friend Ginny.  She invites them back stage, and then onto the stage behind the sound system to see the concert. 
This book is slow at the first, but after the concert the pace really picks up.  There even is an attempted murder and lots of violence, and turns out Arm Pit (Theodore) ends up a hero, although we don't know if he gets the girl.  Kaira records one last song, which tells the story of she and Arm Pit--taking "Small Steps."

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