Saturday, February 25, 2017

Picture Book Review: Green Eggs and Ham: Dr. Seuss

Green Eggs and Ham, Dr. Seuss, random House, 1960.  This is a classic from Dr. Seuss.  I really love the emotion Dr. Seuss portrays in the faces of his furry people.  Sam wants his friend to try green eggs and green ham, but his friend will not budge.  The rhyming is classic.  One year, two camp staff at High Sierra read this book as a duet.  It was so fun.  This book is just fun, and tells us sometimes we have to step out of our comfort zone.  This is one of the best children's rhyming books ever.

Children's Book Review: The Poky Puppy

The Poky Puppy, by Janette Sebring, illustrated by Gustaf Tenggren, A Golden Book, New York, 1942.
This is a golden Book classic, about five puppies who keep getting out under the fence.  The Poky puppy always is into something, and gets separated from the others, who go home when they smell the dessert, but don't get any because they got out under the fence.  the Poky Puppy comes later and eats dessert for all of them.  However the last day the rolls are reversed, and  hopefully the puppies have learned their lesson to be more obedient.

Movie Review: ***R.V. (2006)

This is a movie with the take of what happens with abnormal urban family meets a normal hick family.  Bob Munro (Robin Williams) takes his wife on vacation.  However for him this is really a business trip.  He has promised his wife (Cheryl Hines) no business.  They are new to the RV scene.  They have a terrible problem with the sceptic system.  The Gornicke family (Jeff Daniels and Kristin Chenoweth) take them under their wing.  There is some funny stuff with the Munro family trying to avoid them.  There is also an impossible scene, where Bob is trying to keep his business meetings a secret.  He ends up on the front bumper of the RV as it rolls down a tall mountain.  Somehow, the RV ends up in its correct parking space, with Munro under the vehicle.  However, as always happens, when wife discovers what is going on, they take off with the Gornicke family.  The R.V. has landed in the lake, so Munro takes after them on a bike.  Munro also does the right thing in terms of his business.  And the two families have become fast friends.  This movie with its implausibility isn't the best work of Williams.  However Daniels and Chenoweth make up for this, as their characters really bring something to the movie.

Thursday, February 23, 2017

Children's Book: One Morning in Maine

One Morning in Maine, by Robert McLoskey, The Viking Press, New York, 1942.
This is a terrific story about life inMaine.  First Sal discovers a lost tooth.  She discovers that a wish could be granted if she wishes on her tooth.  With that thought, she helps her father dig for clams for lunch.  In digging the tooth falls out, and she can't find it.  She runs errands rot town with her father and sister.  Sal discovers that sometimes wishes can come true even if you don't wish on a tooth.

Children's Book Review: Blueberries for Sal

Blueberries for Sal, by Robert McCloskey, The Viking Press, New York, 1946.
This is a very fascinating story about a mother and her child, blueberry picking, and a mother bear and her cub, also blueberry picking.  I expected the worse, but with good luck things turned out well in the end.  It took Sal's mother a long time to gather her blueberries, because her child and the bear cub both liked to eat from her bucket.

Thursday, February 16, 2017

Movie Review: ***The Lego Batman Movie

I am a bit indifferent about this movie.  There was just too much to follow.  They did come up with a plot, but not near as clever as the Lego Movie.  Batman is a loner, and needs to learn how to rely on people to really be a good guy.  There was only really a couple plays on their Legos.  One they rebuild the bat-mobile, and then they link to save Gotham.  

Will Arnett Batman, Michael Cera Robin, Rosatio Dawson Batgirl, Ralph Fienees the Butler

Sunday, February 12, 2017

Book Review: Fablehave: Rise of the Evening Star

Fablehaven: Rise of the Evening Star by Brandon Mull, illustrated by Brandon Dorman, Alladin Paperbacks, New York, (2007)
This is the second in this series.  This book starts with the end of school, and Seth and Kendra are almost done with classes.  With just a week to go, a new student appears.  All the students see a handsome boy.  Kendra, because of her experience with the fairies, sees him as an ugly beast.  She tries to protect her friends from him, but this only leads to trouble.  Someone shows up to help, proclaiming to be a monster exterminator type person.  However the process of this gets Seth bit by a monster, who now is intent on devouring the rest of him.  They figure the man has been lying to them, and they are rescued by Vanessa and taken to their grandparents home.  The also meet Tanu and Coulter who are helping their grandparents defend Fablehaven while finding an old powerful relic.  The secrecy of Fablehaven has been compromised, so they want to rescue the artifact and place it elsewhere.
However their is a spy amongst them.  They know because people have been added to the guest list.  Otherwise the magical boundaries would keep them safe.
This book is very tense. It involves good and bad teaming up to accomplish a goal.  However at the same time, it obscures who is good and who is bad and what roles they play in the scheme of things.  Seth is rescues by being placed in a protective egg.  the monster does eat him, but he eventually comes out the other end, and the monster goes dormant again.  In this book, Seth's courage plays a very important part.  As again do Kendra's skills.  However it is Warren and Vanessa who must defeat the protecting beast to rescue the artifact.