Friday, September 26, 2014

Movie Review: ***The Fighting Seabees (John Wayne, 1944)

Finally a John Wayne movie where he doesn't end up with the girl at the end.  John Wayne portrays Wedge Donovan, an owner of construction men who work with the Navy in WWII.  However, as they are civilians they are not allowed to carry weapons or defend themselves.  He befriends Ly Commander Robert Yarrow (Dennis O'Keefe) and his girlfriend Constance Chelsey (Susan Hayward) who wants Donovan's help to change the Navy rules about civilians.  Donovan is head strong, and goes against commands, resulting in many of his men being killed.  Chelsey is wounded in this battle, and Donovan blames himself.  Their relationship cools as he had almost come between his friend and his girlfriend. 
However, he does go back through military training and becomes a lieutenant commander.  They are then on opposite sides of the island working on different projects when they are attacked.  There is a hot battle.
This movie would have received higher marks except for the caricatures of the Japanese tank drivers, and too much smoking.

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