Wednesday, September 3, 2014

Movie Review: ***Broken Arrow (1950)

James Stewart plays Tom Jeffords, a man who pursues peace between the Apache, and their Chief Cochise (Jeff Chandler) and the other Apache chiefs.  At the same time Jeffords falls in love with a Native American Woman Sonseeharay (Debra Paget) who was in the role of the White Lady when Jeffords first visits with Cochise. This movie is about peace between the Apache and the Whites, but also a love story.  Upon the alter of peace, some things must be sacrificed, and Jeffords finds that sometimes that sacrifice is more than you can bear.  At that times sometimes the student becomes the teacher.
This movie is a bit slow as all the romantic stuff gets mixed in with the plot.  It is also more cerebral than most westerns.  Can people coexist in peace? 
Most of the lead native Americans are portrayed by White actors.  However Geronoimo is portrayed by Jay Silverheels.

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