Thursday, September 11, 2014

Movie Review: *****When the Game Stands Tall

This is the best movie I have seen in some time.  It has a Christian undercurrent, which I like; of course it is based on the story of a Catholic High School football team, De La Salle from Concord, CA.  I had heard the story of the team, but this movie is spectacular.  This movie starts with the record, 151 consecutive victories.  But then it goes further.  It explores adversity.  A graduating player's mother is in a coma; and he feels he has no one.  Then Coach Bob Ladouceur has a heart attack, and can't coach for a time.  One of the graduating seniors is murdered, before he can play college ball.  That is hard to understand.  However Coach talks of his funeral, and puts this into some perspective.  That his father and grandmother could be proud of raising such a good young man. 
They add to this hardship, with a loss to start the season, they streak of consecutive wins is over at 151. 
This movie is about overcoming hardship.  About bouncing back, and holding your head up.  The coach always reminded the players it wasn't about winning, but giving your best, and becoming outstanding young men and citizens.
This is a movie I recommend everyone see.  It is excellent.  It is incredible how you can get vested in football games that were played so many years ago, but there I was, rooting and cringing when things didn't go right; Well done!
The cast Coach Bob Ladouceur (Jim Caviezel)
Chris Ryan (player pursuing a touchdown record, Alexander Ludwig)
Terry Edison (assistant coach, Michael Chiklis)

Coach's wife Bev Ladouceur (Laura Dern)

Ryan's father Mickey (Clancy Brown)

Coach's son Danny (Matthew Daddario)

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