Thursday, September 11, 2014

Movie Review: ***^The Dawn Rider (John Wayne)
The Dawn Rider, Lone Star Production, 1935.
This is an excellent show about loyalties.  John Mason (John Wayne) has been away for many years.  He arrives home just in time to witness his father's murder, by a man with a polka-dotted handkerchief, Rudd Gordon (Dennis Moore.)  He and his friend, his dad's employee, Ben McClure (Reed Howes) set out to capture the thieves and murderers.    It turns out that the murderer is the brother of McClure's girlfriend, Alice Gordon (Marion Burns.)  Also in cahoots with the bad guys is the barkeeper (Yakima Canutt.)  They give word of a gold shipment, which is a ruse to smoke out the criminals.  It works and they get most of the bad guys, but Rudd gets away.  This leads to a showdown.  McClure's loyalties are confused, as he thinks Mason is honing in on his girlfriend.  He leaves Mason to face a shoot off with Rudd, with no bullets in his gun.
The undertaker lets everyone know he is pleased with the amount of business coming his way.
This agains shows John Wayne and has plenty of adventure.  Sometimes the background dialogue comes to the foreground in an confusing manner.  There is also a scene where the horse must trip because it doesn't show anyone shooting.  It was a bit confusing. 

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