Monday, September 15, 2014

Movie Review: ***Against a Crooked Sky

This is a Western film with some Mormon influences.  For example the lead is played by Stewart Petersen who is Mormon.  Doug Stewart wrote the script.  It was produced by Feature Films for Families, if not a Mormon Company caters to Mormon families. Lex de Azevedo wrote the music.
The story line goes that older sister is kidnapped by a native American group nobody knows about.  They live in a secluded area and it is hinted they are descended from the ancients.  They use many southern Utah locations like Dead man's Point.  They visit the Shoshone and the Cheyenne seeking information, then go through Apache territory and then find the tribe beyond the crooked sky where the overlook Dead Man's Point.  The cliffs and the terrain have much to do with the story, but the geography of where tribes are located is screwy. 
Sometimes the acting is a little stiff as well.  As is the story.  Turns out, the character played by Petersen, the younger brother Sam, feels guilty about his sister being kidnapped, so takes off trying to find her, and is saved from drowning by Russian, (Richard Boone) an old trapper.  He does find a head band with some secret symbols; and when he tries again this leads him to a mute guide from amongst the Cheyenne, who wants to go home to his people to die.
And so he does, but he is murdered.  The older sister is accused, and Sam has to beat the Crooked Sky in a one-day run, or his sister will be shot with an arrow.
This movie has an emotional ending which depicts a mother's love.  However it does offer much on the way other the the trapper drinking a lot and being mad his dog is killed.  It does show sisterly love between the kidnap victim and the sister of her kidnapper.  They have a relationship based on love.

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