Saturday, September 20, 2014

Movie Review: ***^Rainbow Valley (John Wayne, 1935)
John Wayne portrays John Martin, a drifter, just out of prison who heads for Rainbow Valley, a community which has been subject to a band of outlaws, who won't even let the town folk make a road out for fear that this will bring the law.  They have the community pretty well pinned in.  Martin rescues the mail carrier, George Hale (George Gabby Hayes) and Old Nellie, his car from the outlaws, and in doing so meets the mail mistress, Eleanor (Lucile Brown.)  Martin takes the precarious position of road foreman, and has to defend his workers from the gang.  Hale helps with his car and some dynamite he has from the mine.  When the town discovers Martin is and ex con, they assume he is with the outlaws, and decide to take them all out once and for all.  Everyone is headed for a big battle. 

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