Thursday, September 11, 2014

Movie Review: ***Two-Fisted Law

Two-Fisted Law, Columbia Classic Westerns 1932.  This old Western has John Wayne in a supporting role and Tim McCoy as the lead.  McCoy portrays Tim Clark, who loses his land to a money grubber, Bob Russell (Wheeler Oakman).  Clark decides to try his luck at prospecting, to get enough money to buy his place back.  However he first says goodbye to Betty Owen (Alice Day) who is the daughter of the ranch owner next door.  He leaves a colt with her, and the promise to come back.  John Wayne portrays a ranch hand he worked for Clark, and now is going to work for the Owens ranch. 
In the interim two years that Clark is away, Russel has bought up the loan on the Owen ranch.  Betty's father has passed away.  Russell proposes marriage to her, and she turns him down.  The not comes due in three days.  Clark returns, and says he will get the money to pay off the ranch.  In the meantime he is accused of a robbery and murder in town.  He makes his escape, and returns with money just in time to pay off the debt.  He allows himself to be arrested, and Betty pays the bond so he can be on his way; he has additional business to attend to.  It is discovered that on of Russell's men was involved in the robbery and murder. 
However Russell is still out to get Clark.  It appears he knows to much about thee goings on of Russell.  His plan seems pretty sound and the trap is set.
I enjoyed the action again.  These people must have abused their horses with some of the stunts they do.  The female lead still seems a bit contrived to me, however this was a stronger role.  Betty trained a horse, and showed her riding skills.   

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