Tuesday, September 9, 2014

Music Review: Greatest Hits: The Who Album (2009)

This album stands our because of the instrumental experimentation throughout.  The Who seem to push the limits with their instruments, trying new things.  Most of it works, and sometimes a song falls flat, or becomes repetitive. 
Some of the songs that work,  “Pin Ball Wizard is a classic.”  This song can be listened to over and over.  The same can be said of the theme song for CSI “Who Are You?”  This is written by Peter Townshend and vocalized by Roger Daltry. 
There are a couple other songs worth note, because the instrumental adds to the piece and it makes for some good music.  “The Kids are Alright” also has a clever lyric.  Baba O’Riley is doing something with the keyboard that is very effective, and then the vocals on top of this makes for some good music.  “Love Reign Over Me” has some neat bass playing, and then ends with about 45 seconds of drum craziness.  It is fun. 
I like most of their music, and some I don’t.  There is some of the songs that are a bit inappropriate sexually, or demonstrate a male dominant view point.  “You Better, You Bet” gives the impression the woman has no choices in a relationship.  SHe has to do what her husband wants.  This attitude can lead to domestic abuse.  “Squeeze Box" is just a bit too explicit for me, unless I am putting something into the song that is not there; but I don’t think so.

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