Monday, September 8, 2014

Movie Review: **** Tarzan (1999)

Tarzan, Disney
This is less of a musical than some of Disney's other animated movies, and more Phil Collins singing his songs as background music. "You'll be in my Heart" won an Oscar for best original song.  
However Tony and I loved this show.  It is a telling of the Edgar Rice Burroughs classic.  It was good action, neat animals, and Tarzan can (Tony Goldwyn) slide on limbs and jump from vine to vine like nobody’s business.  It has the intrigue of Tarzan being raised by the apes, after jaguar kills his parents.   (His mother is voiced by Glen Close.)  It also has the pretty girl, Jane (Minnie Driver) and the mean hunter, Clayton (Brian Blessed) who hopes to become rich by selling all the gorillas to zoos.
This is a movie about friendship, and how in the end, friendship is important, and can overcome pride.  Tarzan is torn between his own kind and those he has lived with.  This makes for some sentimental pleasantness.

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