Friday, September 5, 2014

My favorite Football Movies

My favorite football movie has to be Rudy.  This is the story of a scrub player for Notre Dame.  However, Remember the Titans, Brian's Son and The Blind Side are all top notch movies.
***** When the Game Stands Tall  2014
***** Rudy (Sean Astin, 1993)  Tells the story of Rudy, Notre Dame footballer.
****^ The Blind Side (Sandra Bullock, 2009)  Tells the story of Michael Oher.
****^ Brian's Song (James Caan and Billy Ded Williams, 1971)  Tells the story of Gale Sayers and Brian Piccolo.
****^ Remember the Titans (Denzel Washington, 2008)
****Woodlawn  (2015)  Sean Astin Jon Voight
****Facing the Giants
***^Little Giants
*** Heaven Can Wait (Warren Beatty, 1978)
**^ The Water Boy (Adam Sandler, 1998)

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