Monday, July 4, 2016

John Wayne: He Still Stands Tallest

John Wayne was an actor's actor.  I heard him once say that acting was just reacting.  By this he meant reacting to what the other actors are doing and what is going on in the scene.  In acting I have always tried to make my reactions believable, but nobody does it better than John Wayne.  No actor was so prolific.  He starred in 142 films.  Here are a few of his movies:
The Long Trail is John Wayne's first starring role and has him traveling the Oregon Trail. (1930)
The Range War where John Wayne has a supporting role.  (1931)
Two Fisted Law again has John Wayne in a supporting role. Tim McCoy has the lead.  (1932)
The Sage Brush Trail:  John Wayne is a convicted killer, for a crime he did not commit.  He escapes and travels to find the killer to exonerate himself.  (1933)
The Lawless Frontier is classic John Wayne. A Lone Star Film.  (1934)
Blue Steel has John Wayne packing a Marshall's badge, but this time he is undercover.  )1934)
The Star Packer John Wayne portrays a Federal Marshall.  A Lone Star film.  (1934)
The Man from Utah is a Lone Star Film. (1934)
The Trail Beyond has John Wayne in Canada to find a girl.  (1934)
'Neath the Arizona Skies is a Lone Star formula film, John Wayne is chased by bad guys, he meets a girl, he resolves the conflict and gets the girl.  (1934)
Rainbow Valley where John Wayne rescues a community.  (1935)
Texas Terror is a Lone Star Picture.  It is a bit different.  John Wayne was sheriff and thought he killed his friend.
The Dawn Rider is different in that John Wayne is after his father's killer. A Lone Star production. (1935)
King of the Pecos shows John Wayne as a lawyer come back to town to avenge the death of his parents.  (1936)
The Shepherd of the Hills has John Wayne in a different type of role, and portrays him against his father. (1941)
War of the Wildcats or In Old Oklahoma shows John Wayne in the oil business. (1943)
The Fighting Seabees is a WWII film. (1944)
Angel and the Bad Man was John Wayne as an outlaw who falls for a Quaker girl.  This is also a Harry Carry movie.  One of my favorite John Wayne movies.  (1947)
The Quiet Man has John Wayne starring with Maureen O'Hara.  This is a classic. (1952)
Hondo has Wayne falling for the wife of a man he killed in self defense.  (1953)
The High and the Mighty where Wayne portrays a washed up pilot. (1954)
McClintock! is a classic movie in which he is again paired with Maureen O'Hara, his spoiled wife.
Donovan's Reef in which he stars with Lee Marvin.  (1963)
The Sons of Katie Elder has the grown men who neglected their mother, coming together to figure out what happened to their father, and how their mother was swindled of her money.  Also stars Dean Martin.  (1965)
The Undefeated has John Wayne, post Civil War who helps a new friend who served with the Confederacy.  Merlin Olson has a cameo role.  (1969)
True Grit:  John Wayne wins an Oscar for this film.  He stars with Glen Campbell.  (1969)
Rio Lobo is a post Civil War movie with a great gun battle in the end.  (1970)
Swing Out, Sweet Land is a patriotic T.V. Special.  (1970)
Big Jake again has Wayne playing opposite Maureen O'Hara.  He and his sons are on a mission to rescue his grandson. (1971)
Cahill U.S. Marshall has John Wayne pitted against his own boys who commit a robbery.  (1973)

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