Monday, July 4, 2016

Movie Review: ****The BFG (2016)

Here we have a classic Roald Dahl Movie.  I have started reading the book, but still have a lot to go.  BFG (Mark Rylance) is short for Big Friendly Giant.  He steals Sophie (Ruby Barnhill), a girl in the wrong place because she has insomnia and is up and sees him.  She fears she is going to be eaten for sure, but BFG eats cucumbers instead.  However BFG lives with other giants who do eat children.  Sophie has to be very careful.  It is quite a struggle, and the other giants get in the way of BFG doing his work, which is catching dreams and giving them to children.  Finally, Sophie convinces him to get help from the queen (Penelope Wilton).  There is a cute scene where BFG has dinner with the queen.  BFG mind you is very tall.  He sits on a chair on top of a piano.  But what can you do with giants.  The military knows what to do, with the help of BFG.

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