Sunday, July 10, 2016

Movie Review: Back to the Future III

This movie gets the story back on track.  Doc has been transported back to 1885.  Marty is going back to save him, as in the past, Doc Brown was killed by Buford Mad Dog Tannen.  The plot has several twists, and Marty finally learns a lesson.  It doesn't matter if an "ass-hole" calls you names, you don't have to respond.    Doc meets the new school teacher, keeping her from a fall that should have killed her, and fall madly in love with her.  And Marty puts himself in the way of the gun fight with Mad Dog which was intended for the doctor.  Will they ever get back, because they need 88 mies per hour, and trains can barely go that fast.
Several cast members play multiple roles, including Michael J. Fox as Marty McFly and his great-great grandfather, And Lea Thompson as both Marty's mother and great-great grandmother.  Lastly Thomas F. Wilson plays Mad Dog and Biff.  Christopher Lloyd recreates Doctor Brown.  New cast member Mary Steenburgen plays Clara.  Three cameo people in the par are played by Pat Buttram, Harry Carrey Jr. and Bub Taylor.  James Tolkan plays the Marshal, while he was the vice-principle in other films.

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