Saturday, July 30, 2016

Movie Review: ***Ice Age Collision Course (2016)

This is a the fifth in a series of Ice Age movies.  In this movie our Ice Age friends are faced with an asteroid headed to earth with sure extinction results as happened with the dinosaurs before.  This time the mammals are headed for destruction, but a sort of adventurer weasel, Buck (Simon Pegg) has figured out that they are doomed if they don't do anything.  This is a show also about relationship.  Our mammoth family (Ray Romano and Queen Latifah) is facing a daughter (Keke Palmer) getting married to a strange mammoth (Adam Devine), the saber teeth tiger (John Leguizamo and Jennifer Lopez) decide to have a baby, the sloth meets someone, the grandma sloth finds true love.  This movie is underscored with the nut chasing what ever it is, who gets in a space ship and knocks all the planets and everything around.  This character has been featured in many cartoons.
I took three boys, Skylar is three, he laughed the most, Jessi 6 says he was just angry, and Tony was mildly amused.  There were a couple spots of potty humor, but it didn't overwhelm the story.

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