Saturday, July 2, 2016

Movie Review: ***^The Masked Saint

This was a pleasant find by way of movies.  It was loud at the beginning with professional wrestling. However it soon mellowed out and was enjoyable.  Chris (Brett Granstaff) is injured and forced to resign from wrestling.  He takes up preaching, and is not very good; but he is a fighter.  His wife (Lara Jean Chorostecki) is also a go-getter.  A church goer, Ms Edna (Diahann Carroll)  helps Chris through some rough edges.  However he returns to wrestling to pay off church debts.  At the same time, he finds some anonymity in helping others by wearing his mask.  He does this a few times in situations involving criminal activity.  There is a point he becomes full of himself, and prideful that he is saving the church.  However a local gangster gets on his case who wants to force him out.   His girls and customers are turning to the Lord and his business is waining.
There is some great wrestling action, and an intense rivalry between himself and Chris (The Masked Saint) and The Reaper (James Preston Rogers.)  This movie has both, good action in the ring, and a Christian based story.

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