Sunday, July 31, 2016

Movie Review: ****A Fish Story (2013)

This is a brilliant find from Netflix Instant.  It is presented from Lumberjack Films, and appears to be of Canadian origin; the actors are American or Canadian.  This movie is as intriguing as "Ghost," without the sexualized mumbo jumbo.  Nick (Sam Roberts) has put his family life on hold, building a cabin by a lake.  It is finally done, and he wants to introduce it to his family.  Just a few more touches, and he is going to take them fishing like he promised.  His best friend in the community is the chief of police.  He mentions someone his burglarizing many in the neighborhood, so as Nick drives to the cabin, this person jumps in front of him.  Avoiding the collision, Nick rolls the truck, and dies.  The chief comes upon him, and seeing someone fleeing from the scene, calls for backup, and pursues him, leaving Nick alone as he dies.
Turn of fate, the individual, Eddie (Eddie McClintock) who walked in front of him steals a boat, and crashes, and also passes away.  Nick is there to meet him in spirit.  However his body stirs.  Eddie doesn't want to return to his body, and allows Nick to do so.  This is an interesting twist, because Nick is given time with his family to keep his promise and say goodbye, but in the body of the many who caused his accident.  Nick's children have discovered the body, and take the injured many home.
This movie is a good presentation of a family in crisis.  Can they accept this man into their life; and how can he and they move on?
Very entertaining and engaging.  This is a good family film.  there is some drinking as part of the coping, but this is confronted in the movie.
Nick's wife is portrayed by Jayne Heitmeyer.  His children by Jordyn Negri, Jamie Spilchuk and Steven Yaffee.  Eddie McClintock has a very difficult role as he portrays two men in the same body, and has to convince us that he has changed.  Roberts has a double roll in production as he is also credited with writing the story.

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