Sunday, February 22, 2015

Movie Review: ****The Undefeated starring John Wayne (1969)

This is on of my favorite John Wayne movies, and one he shares center stage with Rock Hudson.  Wayne portrays a Federal Colonel Thomas, just after the war, while Hudson portrays a Confederate Colonel Langdon.  Thomas and his men resign, and head to Texas to round up wild horses to sell to the government.  Langdon and his men, and family are headed to Mexico to continue the war if they can.  When the government agents balk at giving a good price, Thomas and his men come to terms with representatives of the Mexican government and drive the horses to Mexico.  These two groups meet, not as enemies but as allies.  The Yankees help the Confederates hold of a bandelero group.  The Yankees come to camp for dinner and dance, and fight.  Wayne's adopted Indian son falls for the daughter of the Colonel Langdon, and stays close to protect her.  The Confederate group is lulled into a trap, and taken captive by a group of Mexican rebels, with the promise of execution if the Americans don't bring the horses in ransom.
This story features Merlin Olsen as Little George.  Maybe that is why I enjoy it.  My dad's favorite football player. 

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