Saturday, August 30, 2014

Movie Review: **^Blue Steel (1934)

John Wayne portrays John Carruthers, a U.S. Marshall who is undercover trying to smoke out a notorious bandit.  The Sherrif (George Hayes) sees him after a heist, and thinks the Marshall is the culprit, and begins to follow him.  Circumstances are such that the Marshall saves the Sheriff's life, and they become partners, but the Sheriff still figures he will need to arrest hm at some time.
The bandit is not the worse of the town's problems.  The leading citizen, Malgrove (Edward Piel Sr.) is leading a group of thieves to convince everyone to vacate the town  He has discovered there is a rich vein of gold running underneath everyone's farms.  He has been stealing all the supplies coming into town, and the citizens are about ready to give up.  The town has sent a pack team to carry in supplies, and they too are waylaid.  A young woman, Eleanor Hung (Betty Mason) and her father are part of the team.  They flee the bandits, and the Marshall and Sheriff intervene.  However the father is killed.  They all make it to town, and Malgrove agrees to take Eleanor to his ranch to care for her in her grief.  A side plot is Malgrove has always thought of marrying her.  She overhears their scheming, uncovering the plot, so they kidnap her and take her to their hide out.
Now we have to rescue the girl, rescue the town and get the bad guys kind of a movie.  Lots of fights, some poorly staged.  Not a lot of gun play, buy dynamite comes in handy when you are trying to get away.
It seems the horses are always going fast in these shows.  They ride them all out and you wonder if they come through OK.  There was much too little grief for the murdered father.  But everything is right in the end as the Marshall proposes to the girl and taking her to Sacramento with him.

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