Monday, August 18, 2014

Movie Review: ****^Jack Weyland's Charly (2002)

This is your classic Mormon love story.  Sam (Jeremy Hoop) falls for his boss' neice who is in town for the weekend.  He was suppose to show her a good time.  Turns out Charly (Heather Beers) returns his affection, even though there is a live-in boyfriend to deal with.  Charly listens to the missionaries, and repents, joining the church.  However Sam has a hard time because her past life style has not been Mormonish.  He has a hard time, and lets her get away.  His mother helps him see his error, and he chases after her, traveling to New York to win her back.
This movie thrills me; maybe not as much as reading the book for the first time which left me in tears.  However it is a good book and movie.  I challenge you not to be in tears for that last Ferris wheel ride.

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