Wednesday, August 20, 2014

Movie Review: ***Eloise at the Plaza

This is a 2003 Disney movie based on a children's book by Kay Thompson.  This is the story of a six year old girl, Eloise (Sophia Vassilieva) who lives in a hotel along Central Park in New York, because her mother is off doing what rich mothers do.  She does have a nanny (Julie Andrews).  Even so, Eloise manages to get into plenty of trouble.
The boss at the hotel is Mr. Salomone (Jeffrey Tambor).  He warns everyone to be on the look out for the Prince coming to visit them, but shows his father's picture.  As a result, no one recognizing him when he arrives.  He is dealing with the death of his mother, and alienation from his father who wants to send hi to boarding school.  He befriends Eloise, who takes him in and shows him the hotel, not knowing he is the prince.
A cute scene is where she is looking through her telescope at Central Park looking for the prince.  She wants to dance with him at the upcoming ball to be held at the hotel.  And there he is right next to her.  Of course she does not find him.  Later she is even part of the search for him, but she still doesn't realize who he is.  It is much later that she puts things together.
With all of her bumbling, Eloise is able to effect others in a positive light, giving them knew courage with her own, and her own directness. 
This movie is cute, albeit a bit canned with the precocious child.

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