Sunday, August 17, 2014

Movie Review: ***^Gods and Generals

Gods and Generals 2003 based on the book by Jeff Shaara: This is the prequel to Gettysburg, and more than anything it tells the story of Stonewall Jackson (Stephen Lang).  Stonewall was a pious man, with his own idiosyncrasies, and this move reflects this.  My first view of the movie, it seemed to get bogged down somewhat in this, but I enjoyed it more this time around.  I guess I understood better where is was coming from.  This movie shows a much longer history than Gettysburg, starting with Secession, first Bull Run, Fredericksburg and then ends with Chancellorsville.  
We follow Stonewall Jackson from his days at Virginia Military Academy, through his stint in the Valley and at First Bull Run, and then covering the Confederate flank at Fredericksburg, and then leading the bold flanking move at Chancellorsville, and being shot by one of his own men in the confusion at dusk as he tried to press his advantage.  He lost his arm, but worse yet contracted pneumonia.  "Let us cross over the river and rest in the shade of the trees" were his last words.  
Joshua Chamberlain is again portrayed by Jeff Daniels (as in Gettysburg).  His most important role is the assault of Fredericksburg, were he spends the night on the hill below Mayre's Heights and stacked dead bodies in front of himself to offer some protection from the men on the hill.  
General Robert E. Lee is portrayed by Robert Duvall.  In this movie we don't have the worries about his heart like in Gettysburg.  However we do have the charismatic leadership, and positive results, except for the loss of Jackson.  "He has lost his left arm, but I my right.:

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