Monday, August 4, 2014

Movie Review: ***Twelve Years a Slave (2013)
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This movie tells the tragic story of Soloman Northup (Chiwetil Ejiofor), who was a free slave living in Saratoga, New York.  There he had a wife and children.  However he was lured south, to Washington D.C. by a couple of men who claimed to be looking for a violinist to help in their act.  However after betting to D.C., where slavery was legal, they drugged him during his dinner.  He woke the next morning in chains at a slavery holding pen, from where he was sent father south, and sold into slavery.  He was a slave for twelve years, having to change his name to Platt.
As for a movie, I cannot recommend this movie.  However as for a story, I heartily recommend it.  There are scenes, which were not needed to tell the story, which earned the movie an "R" rating.  However one scene, where a slave woman is brutally beaten, was a necessary scene, and really brings to light the brutality of the slave system.  Patsey (Lupita Nyong'o), the woman beaten, had been the rape victim of the master, and thus earned the hate of the master's wife, who knew what was happening. 

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