Saturday, August 30, 2014

Movie Review: ***The Idaho Kid (1936)

This is a movie about a boy coming home to resolve the feud between his father and the man who raised him.  His mother died in childbirth, and his father was so distraught he wouldn't bring the baby home, so a fellow rancher took him in, and this resulted in a feud between the two families.  He ran away, hoping this would resolve the conflict, but things just got worse.   And now some fifteen years later he returns, not letting anyone know his true identity, but calling himself Idaho (Rex Bell).  He meets "The Kid" (David Sharpe) who is in on the identity of Idaho.  He takes a job for his father, Clint Hollister (Earl Dwire) but they are only interested in shutting off the other family, The Endicotts from water.  Idaho has a thing for their daughter Ruth (Marion Schilling).  The feud continues.  When his father's men attempt a murder, Idaho leaves and heads to the other ranch.  He is able to restore a supply of water and saves the cattle.  Hollister's men decide to go to town and have it out with Idaho.  However the gun play doesn't go their way.  Things don't get any better.  In the next gun battle between Mr Endicott and Hollister, Hollister shoots Idaho.  It is then "The Kid" reveals his identity--"You shot your son."  And as his son doesn't die, Endicott is given a chance to repent.
There is lots of good horsemanship in this movie, but they treat them so roughly, some of the horses must have been hurt.

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