Monday, August 11, 2014

Music Review: The Music Man (2003)

The Wonderful World of Disney: The Music Man (2003)
Happiness is listening to Kristen Chenoweth sing, and she plays Marian in this version.  She has a beautiful voice, and Mathew Broderick who played Harry Hill also does well.  However, you have to wonder if he wasn’t a bit self conscious singing opposite Chenoweth. 
This is the C.D. of the music which was very well done.  The energy between Hill and Marian is evident even without they video or the entire performance.  I really like “Goodnight, My Someone” which is beautiful in its simplicity.  Chenoweth sings this beautifully.  Also Broderick singing “You Got Trouble” is very pleasurable, and the story and con comes over so plainly.  “Till There was You” is the climax of this show, and it is so well done it gives me chills. 
This was an excellent listen, and I plan on enjoying it for a while.

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