Tuesday, August 12, 2014

Music Review: Jim Brinkman: Grace

Jim Brinkman: Grace, 2005.
Jim Brinkman plays piano.  For the most part this is his piano version of several gospel songs, but on a couple of songs he has guest artists providing vocals.  For example Michael Bolton sing “Hear Me (Tear into Wine) in which he asks God to help turn his troubles into blessings.  Ginny Owens sings “Amazing Grace.”  Mario Frangoulis sings “Ave Maria.”  He sings with a group, Selah, for “Be Thou Near to Me.”  “How Great Thou Art” is a favorite, and with the piano the melody comes out clearly and you remember the words and this song is beautiful.  However the two songs I like the best are strictly piano.  The first is called “Joyful” and is a version of “Ode to Joy.”  I love this music.  The second he calls “Jesu” which is a version of “Jesu, Joy of Man’s Desiring.”  I think these two are a couple of my favorite songs of all time, and his version are very nice.  However in Jesu, he wonders with his fancy playing a couple of times, so I actually prefer Joyful.

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