Wednesday, August 6, 2014

Music Review: Paul Simon: You’re the One

Paul Simon: You’re the One, 2000.
As much as I like Simon and Garfunkel, this is not that type of music.  This is Paul Simon exploring different musical styles, and though sometimes it works, for the most part it misses.  For example, he sings a song entitled “Love” which also repeats the word “love” but seems more about anger and hate than love.  “Love
Love Love
The price that we pay
When evil walks the planet
And love is crushed like clay
The master races, the chosen peoples
The burning temples, the weeping cathedrals”
There are a couple other songs which are just weird.  “Pigs, Sheep and Wolves” falls in this category.  A couple songs I enjoyed, “That’s Where I Belong” and “Look at That,”  Simon uses his ethnic arrangements to make this song fun.  Another song I enjoyed is Hurricane Eye where the hurricane is contrasted with the peaceful eye of the hurricane. 

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