Friday, August 1, 2014

Music Review: Neil Sedaka: Waking Up is Hard to Do

Neil Sedaka: Waking Up is Hard to Do  This is Neil Sedaka, singing different lyrics to some of his most popular songs, and giving them a children’s twist.  “Waking UP is Hard to Do” puts a health twist on his popular song.  It even starts with an alarm clock.  Many of the songs have children singing or laughing in the background.  One of those is “Laughter in the rain.”  IN this case it is a song about dressing appropriately in inclement weather.  A song he wrote, “Love Will Keep Us Together” has a different message and it is “Lunch Will Keep Us Together.”  However the wong I liked most from this set is “Baby’s First Christmas Lullabye.”  It has a very nice melody and feel, as he sings of a father’s love for a baby.  Papa sings a Christmas song
And it's so sweet that Nana sings along
The music notes fall from the sky
It's Baby's First Christmas Lullaby
The angels smile and spread their wings
And if you listen you can hear them sing
And through the room reindeers dance and fly
That's Baby's First Christmas Lullaby
Charlotte wakes when she hears the croons
Of candy canes and singing spoons
Hush, Amanda, now don't you weep
Your dolls will sing you back to sleep
Santa comes with Rudolph too
And here's a special gift they bring to you
And you can sing it if you try
That's Baby's First Christmas Lullaby
The Christmas tree begins to sway
And all the toy balloons just seem to say
Don't let the music pass you by
It's Baby's First Christmas Lullaby
Tweedle Dum and Tweedle Dee
Are harmonizing 'neath the tree
The mistletoes let out a sigh
They're telling you, you must not cry
Join with me in this Christmas song
And you'll feel good if you can sing along
So sing it loud and don't be shy
That's Baby's First Christmas Lullaby
(I Love You, Papa Neil)

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