Thursday, August 7, 2014

Music Review: Carlos Maceiras: Guitarra Latinoamericana

Carlos Maceiras: Guitarra Latinoamericana
This C.D. of guitar music is much more enjoyable than that the previous instrumental I listened too from Chet Atkins.  I have always enjoyed Latin guitar.  However there are a couple of pieces which didn’t work for me.  There are a couple of waltzes, but I always thought that would be dance music.  I have a hard time hearing the beat, and if I had the beat right the music is much to fast to dance to, without physically causing an injury. 
However a couple of the pieces were very nice.  “Terasca I and II” had a very nice feel, and the rhythm kept me entertained.  Also “Sons of Carrilhoes” had a nice feel.  There was one song called “Tango” which started very nicely, but then got bogged down with trying to be artistic, with stops in the music a couple of times.  This song didn’t work for me other than the beginning and the end.  “Guarania” was also a nice song and very relaxing.  This music would be great at playing as a background to relax, like in a store or someplace.  Plenty to like in this album. 

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