Sunday, October 19, 2014

Movie Review: **^The Lawless Frontier (John Wayne, 1934)

This movie is a typical Lone Star representation of John Wayne.  There are some technical issue with the copy on You Tube as a few minutes are skipped.  John Wayne fights the bad guys and gets the girl.  This movie has a couple horse chases, and one chase with John Tobin (Wayne) chasing our outlaw Zanti (Earl Dwire) sliding on a board (like a skim board) down a creek.  This movie also has Ruby (Sheila Terry) as our love interest and her father Dusty (Gabby Hayes.)  Wayne is after Zanti as he killed his parents.  Then he and his gang come upon Ruby and Dusty, and Ruby overhears them laying plans to steal her away and kill her father.  They take off, and Tobin rescues them.  Then they just have to convince the Marshall who the bad guys are. 

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