Saturday, October 4, 2014

Musical Review: ****Song and Dance (Andrew Lloyd Webber)
Song and Dance, Andrew Lloyd Webber,Live at the Palace Theater, 1984.
This is a very enjoyable musical although different. I didn't care for the glipses of the audience and preparations.  It was just filler.  But the actual musical was superb.   It is an Andrew Lloyd Webber musical. I was made aware of it by hearing a Bernadette Peters rendition of "Unexpected Song."  This song is the highlight of the show.  In this version Sarah Brightman portrays the lead part.  The first act is pretty much a one woman show recited the tragedies of her love life.  Some of the songs I had heard before from Webber anthologies.  For example, "Wipe that Smile off your Face" and "Tell Me on a Sunday Please."  This songs are terrific as well.  But both are delivered after relationships go bad.  "Unexpected Song" is delivered when a relationship is going well.  It is a classic love song.  I also enjoyed the letters home  Brightman portrays and English young woman, who is in the United States, New York and Hollywood.  Her take of Hollywood was also fantastic.
The second act is the dance, ballet to be specific.  I am not a fan of ballet, as it puts me to sleep, but this dance has something more.  It has gymnastics and tap dancing.  However the theme again is the hazards of love.  There are five guys and four women.  Our lead dancer, Wayne Sleep goes through all the women, but in the end is left with no one.  The last ten minutes of the production combine dance and singing as Brightman returns to the stage. This resolves the problem of partnerships.  All the dancers sing with her, and she dances with them.

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