Thursday, October 2, 2014

Movie Review: **Yellowneck

This is a man vs nature movie.  In this case nature wins 80 percent of the time,  Four men have deserted their unit with the goal of walking across the Everglades of Florida, to the Atlantic Ocean where they hope to catch a ship to Cuba.  They run into a Colonel, who likewise has deserted, and they make a team of five.  The Colonel (Stephen Courtleigh) had arranged to meet a guide, but the Seminoles got to the guide first, and he is killed.  The characters are interesting, the Colonel who in a drunken fear, ordered his men to go the wrong way, the Sergeant (Lin McCarthy), who has always been running, and now is running away from the war.  The men, one from England (Harold Gordon), who is a thief, another who has stolen gold from the Army (Berry Kroeger), and lastly "The Kid" (Bill Mason) who has total trust in the Sergeant and is following him as he runs away.  The Everglades are not a pretty place, and the elements and the Seminoles make it less than hospitable.  The men succumb to quick sand, alligators, Seminoles and rattle snakes.  One finds the ocean. 
This movie tends to the naturalistic, and is just a bit much for me.  it is just too much something, and left me with an uneasy feeling.

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