Monday, October 20, 2014

Movie Review: ***Yellow Rose of Texas (Roy Rogers 1944)

A Roy Rogers western is a different kind of movie.  They always have some singing involved.  In this movie Trigger, his horse, is credited, And Dale Evans plays a character, Betty Weston, while Rogers plays himself.  Betty's father has escaped from prison after being convicted of robbing a payroll and shooting the driver.  So this movie also presents a mystery.  Who actually did the shooting and stole all the money.  Rogers is represented an insurance agency trying to recover the money. 
This movie has some good action.  There is rescuing the boy from the runaway wagon, a fight in the water (sor of lame as they couldn't get any traction) a fight in the saloon, and a gun competition.  The Yellow Rose of Texas refers to a Showboat which is where Betty works, and where Rogers also takes up employment.  The shows are pretty good.  Roy Rogers sings and plays guitar, and even Trigger comes on stage.  Dale Evans also sings.  They also have a group, Bob Nolan and the Sons of the Pioneers do a few numbers.  Nolan and the Sons had been singing with Roy Rogers for some time.

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