Monday, October 13, 2014

Movie Review: **^ Branded a Coward (1935)

Johnny Mack Brown stars as Johnny Hume, who was traumatized as a young boy as he watched his family murdered by "The Cat" (Yakima Canutt) and his gang.  He his in the bushes.  As a result, twenty years later when we pick up the story, Hume is good with a gun and a horse, but paralyzed when their is real gun play involved.  He keeps moving, so as to avoid facing up to anyone that he is a coward.  However a friend, Oscar (Syd Saylor) decides to travel with him.  Oscar stutters, which is the cause for some jokes, but Hume has no problem with it.
Hume is forced to be a hero, when they come upon a stage being attacked.  He fights off the attackers by himself, and rescues the express money and the woman, Ethel Carson (Billie Seward) riding in the stage.  Oscar talks him up, and they want to make him Marshall.  Not a good career for a coward.  However, when "The Cat" tries to scare him off, he is determined to stay and get his revenge.  Eventually his day comes, but then he isn't sure he wants revenge.
This movie was some entertaining scenes.  It is pretty old so some of the special effects don't quite work, like the mist when the stage coach is by water.  And some of the characters are canned, with the bad guys always sitting in the corner, and the hurray every time free drinks are offered. 

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