Thursday, October 30, 2014

TV Movie Review: **Scary Godmother Halloween Spooktacular (2003)

I was going to write a review of how this movie was not any good; however the ending did make up for some of it.  I  had a bit of a hard tie with the kids and their characters.  They seemed a bit much.  Then add the monster party, and it all seemed just noise.  However, the monsters did grow on me.  And the ending was really pretty cute.  The point of the movie is older cousin and his friends scare their younger cousin by sending her into a haunted house.  She find the Scary Godmother, who taks her to the monster party.  When they realize they trick that has been pulled on her, they decide to get even with the older kids.  She thought her flashlight would keep monsters away.  This is just something her father had told her.  However, the flashlight is party of the revenge scene and is rather well done.
for the sequel

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