Tuesday, October 7, 2014

Music Review: Chanticleer: Wondrous Love

Chanticleer: Wondrous Love, A World Folk Song Collection, 1998.
This collection of folk songs is very lovely, and delivered with the Chanticleer style which is unique, with high tenor voices, and a few lower voices.  It does make quite a statement, however some of the songs I prefer to others.  Loch Lomond is my favorite.  This starts with a soloist and the rest underneath and it is just beautiful.  It concludes with a medley of American folk songs which is also very fun.  I must admit, all the high notes, though interesting and beautiful for a time, have a tendency to put me to sleep when there are to many.  I prefer the bass tones underneath.  I think the basses are what provide the driving foundation to this music. 

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