Monday, October 27, 2014

Movie Review: The Host (2013)

This is the movie based on the Stephenie Meyer novel of the same name.  This movie combines a couple characteristics of Robert Heinlein books I have read, aliens inhabiting a human body, and two personalities being inside the same person.  It is hard to make something entertaining with two people inside the same body, but it is done effectively here.  This is a movie about sacrifice, and sometimes finding your true home where you don't expect to find it. 
Melanie (Saoirse Ronan) has been running free with her brother, Jamie (Chandler Canterbury) and boyfriend Jared (Max Irons).  However, the invading hosts are determined to capture everyone, and they come up to her.  However, the human host is strong and remains inside, while the alien soul, Wanda, is divulging all of Melanie's secret, with the goal of finding the other humans.  This leads to a conflict, which is finally a bit resolved when they take off and find the human refuge, headed by Melanie's uncle (J.D. Evermore).  Being hosted, your eyes shine differently, so everyone knows she is not human.  Their are conflicts and suspicions with the group; and even romance, Melanie and Jared, but also Wanda and Kyle (Boyd Holbrook).  Also in the cast is a seeker, Lacey (Diane Kruger) who will not give up, who herself is torn by her host's personality.  She finally finds their hide out, which  creates a dilemma with an interesting solutions.
Like some of Meyer's books, this movie is a bit slow at times as the story deals with the romantic parts, but over all very well done.

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