Saturday, October 18, 2014

Theatrical Musical Review: Sondheim Follies (In Concert 1985)

This concert features many big name performers singing some of Sondheim's big numbers. The New York Philharmonic provides orchestration an it was performed at the Lincoln center.  The stories is that the Follies are having a reunion party, as their old theater is being demolished.  It gives rise to many people looking back at their lives, and where they have let themselves down, and where they have succeeded.  It is a melancholy look.   This performance in You Tube and Netflix is not just a showing of the concert.  The first half hour talks about putting the concert together with only four days, and then the last hour or so is the actual concert, but shortened.  Many pieces are not shown or shortened.
However performances of note include Carol Burnett singing "I'm Still here."  This is a shortened version of the song.  Mandy Patinkin sings "The God Why-Don't-You-Love Me Blues."  Lots of movement and energy, but in he end probably too much and gets in the way of focusing on the song.  Elaine Stritch sings "Broadway baby."  Lee Remick as Phyllis sings "Could I Leave You?"  When the answer comes up "Yes" she send Ben (George Hearn) into hysteria for "Chaos."
This is a pretty fun show.  However I would have enjoyed more concert and less documentary.

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