Monday, October 13, 2014

Movie Review: The Man from Utah (John Wayne, 1934)

Here is a Lone Star John Wayne movie with a twist.  Wayne plays John Weston, a cowboy from Utah, who is in Nevada and happens to stop a hold up.  The Marshall (Gabby Hayes) hires him to go under cover to roust out a gang of rodeo thieves.  Many rodeo participants have gotten sick, and some have even died.  Wayne travels by canoe part of the trip (Lone Star loves canoes) and prevents a stage coach hold up, rescuing a couple women, the banker's daughter (Polly Ann Young) and the other in on the job (Anita Campillo.)  The treat of this presentation is we get to see an entire rodeo--specialty acts, stage coach race, doggie tying, bull riding, cow wrestling, bronco riding, trick roping, it is pretty fun.  He has to beat the gang's best man, Cheyenne Kent (Yakima Canutt.) Weston gets in with the group, and they try to way lay him, as he is winning the rodeo.  He escapes uninjured, so next is the needle.  Can Weston figure out how the poison is delivered, get the girl, win the rodeo, save the bank with all the rodeo money from robbery and keep himself alive?  Of course he can. 

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