Saturday, October 25, 2014

Movie Review: ***^The Range War (John Wayne 1931)

This movie is pretty good.  John Wayne is in a supporting role as Clint.  His brother (raised by his father) Sheriff Buck Gordon (Buck Jones) is caught between two feuding families.  The are arguing about range rights, and have had a recent squabble.  For his part, Clint has a girlfriend, Judy (Susan Fleming) who is daughter of the man with whom Clint's father is feuding.  Add in a cattle rustler, and then the murder of Judy's father, for which Clint is accused and condemned to hang.  It seems everything is pretty much going the wrong way when Sheriff Buck is shot. 

I really enjoyed this Wayne movie, everything except for the leading lady's acting.  She doesn't seem worried enough about Clint and his being hung.  Nor does she seem overly distraught about her father's murder. 

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