Saturday, May 31, 2014

Disney Movie Review: ****^Mulan

Mulan is a delightful movie.  It tells the story, based on an old Chinese ballad, of a young woman (Ming-Na), though she lacks confidence as a potential bride, takes her father's place when each family is asked to send someone to the war.  The Huns have attacked and every family must supply a soldier.  Mulan has not brothers, so her sickly father is ready to go, until Mulan takes his horse and goes for him.  To impersonate a man, and join the army is against the law in China at the time, punishable by death.  A dragon (Eddie Murphie) is sent to save the family honor. They should not have tried showing Mulan spitting, the saliva hanging from her mouth almost did me in.  There is also a scene bathing in the pond and the guys come to skinny dip.  As they take her for a guy, they are not very modest.  (This is not shown but implied.)  Mulan's reaction, "I never want to see a naked man again in my life."  The Captain (BD Wong), decides to sent Mulan home as being not fit for the army; but accomplishes a feet none of the others could do, and so becomes a part of the new recruits.
They head to the front to join the experienced soldiers, and discover they have all been destroyed.  Their army is the only army to defend China and the emperor from the Huns.  Mulan saves the day using cunning; but in doing so is injured, and her female status is revealed.  She saved the Captain who spares her life. But now she must save China and the emperor (Pay Morita) from the Huns who survived.
Donny Osmond and Lea Salonga sing the songs for the lead characters.
Donny Osmond "I'll Make a Man Out of You"
Lea Salonga singing the longer version of "Reflections"

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