Wednesday, May 7, 2014

Book Review: Tunnels

Tunnels by: Roderick Gordon and Brian Williams

Will likes to dig, like his dad.  Theirs is a pretty dysfunctional family, but he and his dad share a love of digging and finding things.  However in this book they find much more than the bargained for.  First his father, and then Will and his friend Chester, both find a world under London.  Except this is not a happy world, but a world controlled by the Styz, and everyone is afraid to stand up to them, so for years they have all lived in fear, and at the whim of the Styz.  Will and Chester fall into the middle of this, and are tortured, and questioned, and abused.  Will discovers a new family, and he and his birth brother take off to the surface, but come back to the underground to rescue Chester.
In this world, and ours, not everything is at is would seem.  Relations are not always who you would think they are.  His younger sister may be the most evil Styz of them all.  And your allies sometimes don't have long to live in this environment.
This book took a while to get going, and it is claustrophobic to be under ground so much of the time, but in the end it was very exciting.

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